Mama Tried Show Media/Press Passes.

We get literally hundreds of requests and it's exhausting. First, because we want to check on your credentials as a photographer (magazines/Instagram/blogs you're shooting for) and we realistically just don't have time. Then we get overwhelmed and punt, issue them to everyone who asks. Then, these so called “photographers” either don't pick them up or ask us to “meet them” (basically deliver them at the their beck and call) at which time we are asked for additional passes for their boyfriend/sister/husband, etc. So, we're done with that. 

We’re giving passes to the four photographers we pay or trade content for their shots.  In the spirit of trying not to feel like everyone just wants a free ticket, we will offer 6 passes. Tell us why you deserve one of those and who/what website, magazine or outlet you are shooting for. And if you’re asking less than 48 hrs before the event the answer is automatically, NO. Otherwise please just buy a ticket and come early on Sunday morning if you need unobstructed shots shots of the motorcycles.  Below is the link to the Media/Press Pass application form.  Please be thorough with your answers.  Any forms with blank questions will be ignored.



Scott & Warren 


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