The Road Provides

The Road Provides

Anyone who has taken a motorcycle trip knows what I mean when I say “the road provides". If you are lucky enough to have been on the road with some of your close buddies like I have. It really makes you realize how special it really is. I cut my teeth as a young man. As a mechanic. As a traveler. As a young dude, just trying to find my way. These trips shaped my early years and I am grateful to have logged so many miles with so many of my closest friends. You know who you are. Letting go and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Allowing yourself to take it all in and be present is where it gets to be super special.

Finding yourself on the side of the road with a broken 60-year-olds motorcycle in the middle of nowhere is something that everyone should experience. Having to just “figure it out” by any way necessary. If you are fully immersed, then the road will provide. It will help you with your personal skills because you will have to ask for help. It will help you practice keeping a cool head. It will help light up the part of your brain needed when you have to be creative.

Most of all it will break your ass down to who you really are as a person. Make you look inside yourself and dig deep to make some shit happen. It makes each win, big or small, feel that much more special. It will make you feel emotions. Thatʼs one thing I struggle with. If you are doing it right. You will hit super highs. And lowest of the lows. And everything in between. So if you are on the fence about taking a trip, Hopefully I have not scared you out of it. Hopefully, you take the plunge and get after it. Stay off the highways as much as you can. Hit the by-ways and experience the world as it once was. There are still bits and pieces of it still surviving if you know where to look. Take your Friends, New and old. Bikerʼs and the office type. It will make for a much more colorful experience. Pack light. More tools than clothes.

Donʼt plan too much. Let the road take you where it wants. Sure, pick the destination, but donʼt feel the need to go where Google tells you to go. Take a chance on the dirt road route. Or follow the little brown scenic road signs. You never know what the road has planned for you up ahead. Hope to see you out there one day!! For now here are some pics that I have to share from some of my trips. Enjoy. 

-Warren Heir Jr.