Builder Spotlight - Kevin Collignon

Builder Spotlight - Kevin Collignon

We thought it would be fun to ask our builders to answer some questions so we can get to know them a bit better. Below you will find their un-edited responses & some photos that represent them and their work/life.. Show these folks some love!! Say hello when you see them in the crowd at the Show!

First Name:


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1928 Harley-Davidson JDC

Instagram Handle (Please use the @ symbol in front of it):


Best Motorcycle Crash? Good or Bad?  Still riding afterwards? :

Never really crashed.  I had a Yamaha virago slide out from under me but that's about it 

Favorite part you have ever used, fabricated or bought? :

I like using the stanchions off jd/vl handlebars to make my own bars


Best Track you have ever ridden on? Why?:

I don't ride any tracks but have run at the Newport Hillclimb a couple times which is always lots of fun

Best Experience at a motorcycle event?  Which Event? (Please don't feel like you have to say MT/FOF. This is not about that!):

My favorite events are the amca swap meets but love the MT show too

Rank your TOP Motorcycle activities. Street? Bar-Hopping? Flat Track Racing? Single Track? FMX? Ice Racing? Looking cool in front of the ladies and or gentleman? (Choices not limited to these suggestions):

Street, but spend more time working on bikes than riding it seems

What is your earliest memory related to motorcycles?:  Or what was your first moto/mini bike? Do you still have it? :

Mini bikes then a chaparral dirt bike. Still have the mini bikes

How did you get started fabricating/painting/building/collecting?:

I started out with cars. motorcycles take up less space

If you could invite a Builder/Bike to Mama Tried, who would that be?:

Chopper Matt (matt clark)

What other stuff influences you? Books, architecture, cooking, painting, hot rods, movies, etc?:

Hot rods, guns, bourbon, chickens

If you could travel to any country, where would you go and why? (This could be a place you’ve already been):

I'm ok staying in the United States 

If you had 6 months where you didn’t have to worry about financial, professional or personal obligations, what would you want to do with that time?:

I would take a camper and my motorcycle would go camping out west. Move around every couple weeks

Favorite book that comes to mind? :

I don't read many books. Mostly technical publications, AMCA magazine, and firearm magazines 

If you had an unlimited budget, what bike would you buy/build?:

Definitely a JDH

What's your most memorable road trip and why? And what items do you always bring?:

My favorite area to ride is the smoky mountains. I rode the black hills this year and that was fun too. I always bring bourbon 

Favorite sandwich?:  

It's hard to beat a good burger 

3 favorite bands (off the top of your head)?:

Waylon Jennings, Days of the New, KY Headhunters