Honest, homebuilt,
and unusual bikes
from the Midwest
and beyond.



Mama Tried Motorcycle Show is an indoor invitational founded for one reason: to connect motorcycles, builders, fans, and riders in the heartland and beyond. Keeping the fire stoked all winter long. Mama Tried Motorcycle Show features over 50 motorcycles from builders of all calibers—flat-tracker, hill climber, chopper, and bar hopper.


“A completely insane
weekend all together.”

josh kurpius  |  show photographer


The Creators

Scott Johnson and Warren Heir, Jr. grew up in the Midwest. A deep love of motorcycles and an obsession with riding, building, and racing brought them together. Having raced for decades independently, they’ve come to know the regional culture intimately; Mama Tried has been a passion project from the start. Calling on builders they admire from afar and locally based friends, prestigious builders nationwide have come onboard for the chance to see rare and distinct bikes up close and personal.


Scott Johnson


Co-owner of Fuel Cafe and co-founder of Rockerbox Moto Fest, an annual motorcycle festival, Johnson is a Milwaukee native and restaurant owner.

As partner in the Mojofuco Group, he adds Balzac, Belair Cantina, Comet, Finks, Hi-Hat and Garage to Milwaukee’s small business landscape. 


Warren Heir, Jr.


A well-known builder in the national chopper scene, Warren races motorcycles regionally and works locally in fabrication for his personal brand Jr’s Cycle Products. 


Fueled by the
idealism of the
open road.



We’re excited to work with sponsors in the community, those founded on a commitment for stable and local employment. Brands built from generations of hard work ethic and quality products.


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2017 Schedule


October 7, 2016

Flat Out Friday National Syrup Indoor Race

February 17, 2017

Flat Out Friday National Syrup Indoor Race

February 18, 2017

Mama Tried Motorcycle Show

February 19, 2017

Mama Tried Motorcycle Show
and AMA Outdoor Ice Race