Next Ride:

Feb. 25, 2018


Location to be announced

Best case scenario:

McKinley Marina
1750 N. Lincoln Memorial Dr.


Weather Permitting

Bring your ice bikes; Motocrossers, DTXers, crotch rockets, sidecars, minis. We will have a course set up for informal riding and ripping. If there is desire, we will set up informal classes (kids/fast/vintage, etc) and flag drops. No sign up, maybe some trophies (we’ll see), miles of smiles!

Check @mamatriedshow and/or @flatoutfriday Instagram for location updates. We’ll have some scouts out looking for good places to go.

Use #slipperysunday if you know a great spot that could accommodate a fun loving group like this!

There will be a lot of photographers in attendance, so dress to impress, costumes and whackiness highly encouraged, lets have some fun!

Ice fenders highly encouraged. You won’t be asked to leave, but you will be segregated and have to ride by yourself with no one else on the course. Don’t be that person. IDGAFAF (I Don’t Give A Fuck About Fenders) attitude does not apply out here. 

There will be no ambulance service. Please lets keep this an injury free/no one gets hurt day so we can do it again next year. 

Thanks for coming and dress warm!



The MTS/FOF Safety Committee